Auto Enrolment Staging Date

Auto Enrolment Staging Date

As we start to enter the final entry phase for Auto Enrolment there is a massive amount of information available which for some employers is causing confusion as well as overwhelming them.

One of the most popular questions we are asked is what is ‘Staging Date’?

This is the date you need to have start submitting information of your employees who are eligible to join the Auto Enrolment Scheme.

You should have received a letter form The Pension Regulator advising your Staging Date as well as providing links and information to help you get started.

Also contained in the letter is your Letter Number which is used on The Pension Regulators Site to provide your information to you.

Don’t worry if you have misplaced you letter – you can also use your PAYE reference and Accounts Office reference number to help you find out information.

If your staging date is looming why not have a look at our website page relating to this and also follow the link below to The Pension Regulator site.