Do you struggle with keeping on top of the sums?

Do you feel frustrated trying to calculate PAYE, overtime pay, student loans, sick pay, holiday pay, maternity pay and all the rest of it?

Is it sometimes difficult to remember what needs filing where and by when?

And what’s this about everything needing to be online now?

If you’ve answered “Yes” to any of the above then we can help take away the stress and worry of payroll from you. We specialise in helping companies with up to 30 members of staff because we enjoy taking that extra bit of care and consideration for your team.

Best of all, it means you will free up your time to concentrate on your own business, safe in the knowledge that your staff will always be paid on time.

We offer a highly respected, bespoke payroll service and, of course, everything we do is in the strictest confidence.

We all know that no two businesses are the same and for this reason we offer tailor made packages to suit your particular requirements.

We know that the world of payroll is forever changing and you need to adjust and move quickly with new regulations and policies as they are put in place to ensure you aren’t fined by HMRC.

We at Payroll Additions understand this and that’s why our team of specialists is fully equipped to deal with how your staff wages are paid, including deductions and pensions, along with the requirement to submit details of your pay run as they are processed.

A good payroll clerk needs to be on top of information in all of these areas, which can be time consuming and confusing.

For a small company it can also prove to be expensive to employ someone specifically for this task or to detract someone from their main duties to process it. That’s why we invest the time and training into our own team. All of our payroll packages comply with RTI requirements and with all other legislation. And all relevant RTI reports are submitted on your behalf as your payroll is produced.

Our packages can be run at varying intervals, the most popular being weekly and monthly. However, we can also support 2 and 4 weekly runs.

The following comes as standard in all our packages:

  • Starters and Leavers (P45, P46)
  • Tax Code Changes (P6)
  • Payslips – generic or customised
  • Statutory Payments – SSP, SMPP, PMPP, SAP
  • Deductions orders (i.e. child maintenance/ council tax etc.)
  • Give as you earn schemes
  • Pension processing through payroll
  • Year end preparation and submission of P14’s and P35’s
  • Production of P60
  • P32 monthly submission to HMRC
  • RTI submission to HMRC
  • Payroll reports
  • Redundancy payments
  • Student loans


Additional services we can offer include:

  • Employee queries
  • Handling HMRC issues on your behalf
  • P11D production and filing
  • General payroll advice (see other services for more information)
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